Conversations II Emma x Regulus

She’s still a Hufflepuff and a half breed. But I mean it’s better then being friends with Arlette. 

You don’t know people who are genuine? Me and Alecto are with you! 

And Bella always says what is on her mind!

But it be nice if we can start talking again. I thought you wouldn’t talk to me after I made a fool out of myself in the common room. Or after I made a fool of myself at the meeting.

Em, that’s not what I meant!  I know you’re really genuine with me.  I get it.  And Alecto is. Most of the time.  But Bella is Bella.  She’s different. 

Em, you didn’t make a fool of yourself at all in the common room.  It was me. I… I shouldn’t have kissed you… again.  It seems like every time I do, I end up ruining everything. 

And let’s just… not talk about the meeting.  We were both foolish. 

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    No. No I can’t say that they are. But we get through them. And we’ll go to the kitchen after? Talk about how you liked...
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    Malfoy would just force him to wash his hair. Are the meetings ever really “fun”?
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